Sydney Retail Festival

Salena Knight

Retail Strategist/Consultant

Salena started her first ecommerce store back in 2007, when Flash was THE thing and websites were truly ugly. Her business grew much faster than she anticipated and within a year, she had opened her first brick and mortar store front in Sydney.  Just as the GFC hit.

After 10 years of trial and error, a (pretty much useless) Business Degree and hundreds of hours of coaching, Salena had grown her business to a point where it no longer ruled her life. Finally, the business was working for her, instead of the other way around. The less the business needed her, the more she realised that her passion was helping other retailers reach their own business success. Which was when she discovered her Super Power was her ability to take other business owners from where they were... to where they wanted (or needed) to be in order to have a profitable, scalable asset. 

Today, Salena empowers independent retail and ecommerce store owners around the world to reach financial success and life-style freedom, whilst maintaining a focus on the unique connection independent retailers have with their customers.