Sydney Retail Festival

Natalie Shehata

Founder, Editor & Eco Stylist, Tommie magazine

Natalie Shehata is the founder, editor + eco stylist of tommie magazine ‘the destination for creative women with a conscience’ as well as the Australia wide Retail Eco Stylist for, ‘Save the Children Australia’ one of the largest global NGO’s dedicated to the rights of children. With a fashion styling career spanning 10 years, she founded tommie magazine with the intention to change the way we consume and interpret fashion, by educating and bringing an awareness to how our clothes are made and what actually happens ‘behind the seams’ - both in the manufacturing of our clothing and the advertising of them. Her mission is to tell stories surrounding fashion + style - with heart, substance and integrity.

Through open and honest conversations, visual storytelling and community events, she is shaking up the dialogue around fashion by looking at individual style and how this relates to identity + self-expression - and consciousness more broadly - by encouraging and celebrating second hand clothing as the main driver to a more sustainable future of fashion.

Fashion is an industry that communicates global happenings. It is in the context where she is also investigating political, cultural and societal topics like representation, inclusivity and visibility of all women in fashion; challenging traditional media outlets and beauty stereotypes no matter race, ethnicity, body shape, colour, age, sexuality or gender identity, by providing a platform for all to participate and drive the conversation and decisions around fashion.

These days, Natalie is not only a fashion stylist advocating slow style, she’s also an entrepreneur, activist, an advocate for social justice and a serial story teller.

Stories have the power to inspire, transform and shape change, and she hopes through her platform we can all practise being ‘creative women with a conscience’ and fight for a better future for fashion, with our pre-loved pieces in tow!

Natalie has a special love for vintage clothing, and consuming good stories that make you think and feel. Her favourite past time is spending the weekend wondering through flea markets, vintage and op shop stores dreaming of decades past and of course, getting dressed. Dressing up is the most wonderful creative ritual, and is a way we as adults, can practise the art of play, each and every day.