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Best Fashion Podcasts

We are podcast obsessed at the moment in the Sydney Retail Festival office! We'd love to share with you our top picks for the best business, fashion and life advice.

Raissa Gerona: Revolve Chief Brand Officer

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Second Life is a podcast series hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief contact office at Clique Brands. Each episode highlights a successful woman who is a game changer in their chosen field.

Sera from the SRF Events Team's favourite episode is Hillary's talk with Revolve's Marketing Leader: Raissa Gerona. It follows her story of founding a few fashion labels independently and with Revolve. Raissa also discusses how she saw the potential to utilise influencer marketing with revolve - she was a pioneer in this space! A must listen if you are wanting to choose the right influencers.

Alber Elbaz: ‘We Remain an Industry That Creates Dreams’

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Fashion industry bible The Business of Fashion have a wonderful podcast series that combines commerce and fashion. Covering the fashion industry from a 360 degree perspective, their exclusive interviews with the best in the game provide fantastic insight into the real world of fashion.

Isabella our SRF Social Media manager loved listening to Alber Elbaz's talk at VOICES 2018. Elbaz is the former creative director of Lanvin and in this episode he addresses topics confronting designers today: the image-obsessed culture of millennials, unrealistic expectations of consumers and the industry's risk aversion.

Fashion No Filter: Behind the Instagram algorithm with Eva Chen

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Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates with their podcast series “Fashion: No Filter”.

Joy from our sales team’s favourite episode is “Behind the Instagram algorithm with Eva Chen”. Eva Chen is head of fashion partnerships at Instagram and her role includes overseeing fashion accounts, nurturing young brands, facilitating the communication strategies of global fashion houses, and keeping daily contact with influencers, designers and supermodels alike. In this podcast, she she spills the beans on new and improved functionalities for digital savvy fashionistas. A must listen for any brand or store with an Instagram presence (something in the industry everyone should invest time into!)