Sydney Retail Festival


At the 2019 Melbourne Retail Festival every fashion buyer who attended was very impressed with the high calibre and individuality of the exhibiting brands and designers.

Australia has always received global recognition for our unique lifestyle and natural wonders however one thing that has always been overlooked is the uniqueness of our fashion designers.

We are very excited to be bringing you more of Australia’s best fashion designers to the Sydney Retail Festival this September. If you are a label who wants to get involved, please contact our team to get exhibitor info! If you are a fashion boutique, be sure to register to attend the trade show by filling in the form here.


Australian Cool

One of the biggest influences on our local brands is Australia’s relaxed lifestyle. The hippie-surf culture of Byron Bay and European style of Melbourne have become international commodities and so too should our designs that have been woven with the same Aussie-cool fabric.

At the Sydney Retail Festival in September a number of exhibiting brands perfectly embody the Australian lifestyle. One of these is Barefoot Blonde from Palm Beach - a collection that represents a love of carefree exploration, relation and travel. Another is 69SLAM who combine the three pillars of Australian culture: surf, sun and skate!


Australian designers are leading the way!

There are many Australian designers on the front foot of socially responsible fashion. From swimwear made from recycled plastics to producing designs in ethically accredited factories, the new generation of Aussie designers love to make a positive impact.

At the Sydney Retail Festival in September we are proud to have a large number of exhibitors who have social responsibility at the core of their brand values including Ngali. Ngali’s clothing & homewares are born from their connection to a talented group of emerging, inspiring and gifted indigenous artists who showcase their talents through the mediums of painting, photography and artistic creation.


Where designers look for inspiration

Australians have always looked outward as well as inward for inspiration which is one of the reasons our fashion industry is so rich. This more nuanced interpretation of what it means to be Australian will be crucial to the success of the new generation of Australian designers.

Be sure to come and visit us at the Sydney Retail Festival this September to discover some unique labels to add to your store’s collection!