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#SUPPORTLOCAL: 3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Fashion Boutiques Can Increase Sales & Traffic

In today’s competitive retail climate, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that your fashion boutique store has a point of difference.

The rise of e-commerce, globalisation and increasingly higher consumer expectations has had a huge impact on the Australian Fashion Industry’s retail landscape. It is important now more than ever for brick-and-mortar retailers to consider what their customer’s want and how they can provide them with value. This creates an exciting opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers to not only adapt to survive, but to make a very valuable offering that customers simply can’t resist!

Working with the right brands

Tip #1

At our ‘What Buyers Want’ seminar at the Melbourne Retail Festival in February, Head Buyer & Founder of Coco & Lola Jess Dunlop shared that she chooses to support the brands who support her. Coco & Lola have worked with local Australian labels to create exclusive collections for their store which gives them a point of difference in the designer fashion dresses market.

The Sydney Retail Festival is the perfect opportunity to meet quality local designers who want to work with local boutiques to create the best possible experience for fashion shoppers. We recommend to buyers to explore opportunities with these local brands for store exclusives, first order discounts and collaborative PR efforts. Working with local brands provides stores with more flexibility and further, through stocking more unique labels, you will not be competing on price but instead your ability to curate collections that resonate with your store’s demographic.

Get Digital

Tip #2

Online is not the enemy! Brick-and-mortar stores must curate a digital presence to get more people in the door.

More and more, fashion shoppers are webrooming. This term describes the act of consumers researching products online before heading to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase - mainly because they want to touch and feel the product before buying.

Three digital touch points you should make sure you have set up are:

Make your in-store experience marry your online experience

Tip #3

This brings us to our next point - it is important to provide your customers with a seamless experience between your bricks and mortar store and your online channels. This strategy is known as an omni-channel approach.

Not all retailers have picked up on this strategy yet so its a great time to make your store stand out from the crowd! Use all channels - your store, website, social media, google page etc. - to offer the most complete brand experience and bull customer relationships. Don’t focus on any one channel at one time - you must orchestrate them all to create a beautiful symphony!


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This September we are coming to Sydney! Showcasing both established and emerging, local and international brands, the Sydney Retail Festival allows buyers, wholesalers and designers to connect and showcase their latest collections and offerings.

On the first day of the festival (16th of September 12pm) we will be hosting a Seminar specifically for brick-and-mortar fashion boutiques which will feature a panel of 5 successful boutique owners and marketers who will be sharing their secrets for driving traffic and sales.

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