Sydney Retail Festival

Save the Dates: SRF Seminar Series 2019

The SRF Seminar Series is back this September!

Year after year, the Sydney Retail Festival Seminar Series is a highlight of the show. The discussion panels cover all topics that are most important to the Australian Retail Industry right now. It is a very unique opportunity to learn from the best and ask questions.

We are very grateful to our speakers who offer their invaluable insight and advice - truly exuding our value of community over competition.

We’re delighted to be bringing together Australia’s most inspirational fashion leaders to share their knowledge with you this September over a series of 6 seminars. This page will be updated as new speakers are announced and we are delighted to have such a high calibre of panellists this year from the very best Australian fashion media, retail stores & agencies.

The seminars are free for registered SRF attendees so be sure to RSVP today to reserve your seat!

Future of retail


The Australian fashion landscape is rapidly changing which provides an exciting opportunity for proactive brands and retailers to make waves in the industry.

In this Seminar, the following panelists will share their 2019 trend predictions with you and their top tips for staying ahead of the game.


16TH SEPTEMBER 12:30-1:30PM

What is the next big thing in tech? From hyper-personalisation to artificial intelligence, tech is transforming the fashion industry globally and locally.

Learn from our speakers at our Tech & Fashion Lunch Chat which tech fads are worthwhile investing in for your retail store or brand to deliver value to fashion shoppers.

What Buyers Want


Want to learn how to get your collections ranged at your favourite retail stores?

In this seminar you will be able to hear directly from Australia’s top fashion buyers exactly what they’re looking for - especially when it comes to emerging designers.



These days, there is a growing demographic of shoppers who are increasingly concerned by making sustainable fashion choices. And rightly so!

Here at the Sydney Retail festival, we know that emerging brands want to make a difference environmentally and yet, creating a completely sustainable brand can be a daunting not to mention expensive− task.

We have invited some very credible speakers to join this panel to talk all things sustainable fashion.


17TH SEPTEMBER 12:30-1:30PM

Join us for our Lunch Chat to learn how you as a brand or retailer can not only make a positive impact on Australian wardrobes but also giving back to society worldwide.



Our final seminar will leave you feeling inspired to revamp your digital presence! An informative talk for both brands and retailers, this panel will be sharing the secrets to building a strong affiliate and content-creation marketing strategy.