Sydney Retail Festival

Élocin x Sara Sidari's Tee Collaboration

We pride ourselves on the community over competition mentality of our premium fashion trade events. Earlier this year, Nicole from womenswear label Elocin and illustrator Sara Sidari met through a mutual friend MC Danielle Collis at the Melbourne Retail Festival.

This meeting sparked a sensational collaboration between the two talented designers who have released a collection of limited edition fashion tees.

We talk to Nicole & Sara about their collection and what it was like designing the range together.

Meet Nicole

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Elocin came to be.

I studied a double degree in multimedia business marketing, and have been working in marketing for the past 12 years, however i have always had a love and obsession for fashion, especially high quality pieces. I was doing personal shopping and styling for many years and one thing i could not find was high quality silk pieces that didn't tear and was not sheer or flimsy.

This gave me the idea to create a brand that offered high quality silk pieces that would be wardrobe staples and not a fashion trend. Each piece has been designed to be worn on its own or layered depending on the occasion and weather.

What is your vision for the Elocin brand?

I hope to keep evolving and have women around the world wearing my pieces and become a global brand that is recognised as a must have for silk pieces.

Elocin is known for beautiful silk dresses, jackets, camis and shorts. What inspired the addition of tees?

Every girl needs a good tee, whether it is white or black. These tees made from organic cotton and are perfect paired with the silk shorts, and underneath the camisoles and dresses. The illustrations on the tees just give them a point of difference.

What was the process like working with Sara?

It was really easy. We both had the same vision. Create simple tees with beautiful illustrations. Sara and I discussed what we believed would look best on the cropped and normal length version and then the creations came to life.

We are very excited to see what you will be showcasing at the Sydney Retail Festival this September! Any hints on what we can expect to see?

In keeping with my minimalist theme, there are silk pant suits and sweaters with silk sleeves. There may also be a few extra pieces that i will surprise everyone with at the festival!

Meet Sara Sidari

You were behind the gorgeous Melbourne Retail Festival illustrations! Tell us a bit about how you became an illustrator.

Thank you so much I was and it was such a fun project to be part of. I guess I started illustrating and drawing at a super young age, even before I spoke or walked I had a pencil in my hand. Later in life I decided to become and architect where i graduated my masters, but three years down the track of working for the top firms realised its was a very different to what I expected and felt that my creativity was getting lost so i began drawing on the side for fun and slowly slowly it has turned into my a full time job, working with incredible clients such as BMW , vogue living, Harrolds and many more.

You and Nicole met through the Melbourne Retail Festival. What do you think makes this event unique?

Yes 100%. Fashion is absolutely a creative field so having heaps of creatives under the one roof really allows new ideas and collaborations to happen which maybe wouldn't happen anywhere else and allows us to cross paths where we wouldn't usually cross paths outside of an event of the sort. My recent collaboration with Nicole from Elocin the Label of our Tshirt range, allowed two creatives in different fields, me in illustrating and drawing and Nicole in fashion, to create something super unique which is already making a mark in both the fashion field and illustration world.

What was it like working with Nicole on the collection?

Working With Nicole has been super fun and easy, we both share very similar values in our work, keeping everything high quality and ethical as well as sharing similar values in design itself simple, textural and emotive, this made it so smooth and fun to collaborate with someone who is like minded. It was also very interesting to understand how our different creative field can work together on a collaboration of the sort.

Which piece is your favourite from the Elocin x Sara Sidari collection?

The design process we went through was really fun and seeing how our ideas have come together through the design process into our amazing tshirt collection has been my favourite part. Also how our different knowledge in our respected fields worked cohesively from the forms of the tshirts to the style and sizing of the prints have all meticulously been thoughts out for different shapes and visual appeal of the t-shirt overall.