Sydney Retail Festival

Interview: aaina & co

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dina, the founder & designer of aaina & co. Combining a minimalist style with soulful messages, aaina & co is a unique fashion brand whose jewellery is designed to reflect the wearer’s inner beauty of their natural soul. Fashion buyers and stylists can register now to attend the Sydney Retail Festival and view the collection in person here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how aaina & co began.

I was born and raised in Switzerland and moved at the age of 30 to Bali. Living in Bali was life changing in many ways. Since 6 years I am now calling Sydney home and I love living here with my gorgeous son.

In 2012 I came across the name aaina whilst travelling through India. I was totally captivated by the meaning of it and I knew that one day I would name a child or another business, I was that time having a clothing brand with the name PURE in Bali, after that gorgeous girl aaina I met. The meaning of aaina is mirror and as the word suggests, the designs of my pieces as well as the display and the symbols I chose are a mirror of me.

You incorporate powerful symbols in aaina & co's designs. What is the story behind this?

Last year I was practicing a lot of yoga and almost became a yoga teacher. One of my favourite poses is the reverse warrior. I always take all my jewellery with me when I practice, but I still wanted to have something that reminds me of something very important for me, when I am going in this pose. It had to be small, simple and almost invisible... That's why I started off with cord bracelets. I looked at a lot of symbols and their meanings... The seven I am using stayed with me and they are all equally important to me... aaina & co products are intended to make their wearers feel good and give them strength to overcome obstacles in life.

Which piece do you find yourself wearing the most at the moment and what does its symbol represent?

I am wearing 24h a day the lotus flower and the Swedish Malin. The other symbols I add according to how I feel. In my opinion you get always drawn to the thing you need most... The Lotus flower is about strength and determination whilst the Swedish Malin is standing for setbacks in life which are inevitable to bring you further.

What inspired you to create the triangle purse?

I love the number 3 and I knew, that the packaging should be something unique and unexpected in both material and shape. I put a lot of work and thoughts in this part of the product.

You support a wonderful cause called Saba's Kids. Can you please tell us a little bit about this organisation and how our readers can get involved?

Saba's Kids is actually what keeps me going. Throughout my life I wanted to help people and especially children. I met Saba, a famous Swiss artist, whilst I was living in Bali and we became friends. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Saba and her husband’s charity are paying the schooling fees for kids whose parents can't afford it. Everybody can donate to this organisation or even sponsor one child like we do. It's very rewarding to know, that one more child in this world gets the chance that it deserves. Education is fundamental for success but also for knowing how to look after our planet.

We loved the design of your stand at the Melbourne Retail Festival earlier this year where you showcased how aaina & co can be merchandised in stores. Can you tell us more about this offering?

Stockists are provided with a sensibly sized, custom made mini concept store (27cm x 29cm x 40cm) to show aaina & co products and catch the eyes of discerning customers