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Interview with Adrianne from The Little Magazine

The Little Magazine has become a key platform for Australian designers to connect and share their stories. We spoke to its founder, talented photographer Adrianne Miller Roberts, about her passion for local design and her advice for childresnwear labels to break through the noise. Enjoy reading the interview below! Lila & Huxley - Freshwater Shorties - Sydney &...

Save the Dates: SRF Seminar Series 2019

The SRF Seminar Series is back this September! Year after year, the Sydney Retail Festival Seminar Series is a highlight of the show. The discussion panels cover all topics that are most important to the Australian Retail Industry right now. It is a very unique opportunity to learn from the best and ask questions. We are very grateful to our speakers who offer their invaluable insight and ...

Élocin x Sara Sidari's Tee Collaboration

We pride ourselves on the community over competition mentality of our premium fashion trade events. Earlier this year, Nicole from womenswear label Elocin and illustrator Sara Sidari met through a mutual friend MC Danielle Collis at the Melbourne Retail Festival. This meeting sparked a sensational collaboration between the two talented designers who have released a collection of limited edition fashion tees. ...

Featured Exhibitor: Kianna Magelaki

Kianna Magelaki is the woman behind KIANNA - ready-to-wear and custom garments designed for women. We are delighted to have such a gorgeous brand exhibiting at the Sydney Retail Festival this September and in anticipation we have interviewed this up-and-coming designer about her story, inspirations and design values. Fashion Buyers & Industry Professionals can register to attend the trade show to view the collection in person by booking through this link....

The Future of Retail: What do fashion shoppers want?

In the past 20 years, the rise of social media and online shopping platforms has dramatically changed the fashion retail landscape. Whilst brand and retailers prepare for a very different future to our predecessors, here we outline some small to medium term strategies that will help them stay relevant to an increasingly elusive shopper.

How To Be a Sustainable Fashion Brand

We know that emerging brands want to make a difference environmentally and yet, creating a completely sustainable brand can be a daunting − not to mention expensive− task. When considering your brand’s environmental footprint, it is more realistic to start with these small steps.

Interview: aaina & co

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dina, the founder & designer of aaina & co. Combining a minimalist style with soulful messages, aaina & co is a unique fashion brand whose jewellery is designed to reflect the wearer’s inner beauty of their natural soul.


At the 2019 Melbourne Retail Festival every fashion buyer who attended was very impressed with the high calibre and individuality of the exhibiting brands and designers. Australia has always received global recognition for our unique lifestyle and natural wonders however one thing that has always been overlooked is the uniqueness of our fashion designers. We are very excited to be bringing...

Best Fashion Podcasts

We are podcast obsessed at the moment in the Sydney Retail Festival office! We'd love to share with you our top picks for the best business, fashion and life advice. Listen Here Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give you a unique, behind the scenes look at how the fashion industry operates with their podcast series “Fashion: No Filter”. ...

#SUPPORTLOCAL: 3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Fashion Boutiques Can Increase Sales & Traffic

In today’s competitive retail climate, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that your fashion boutique store has a point of difference. Here are 3 tips for bricks-and-mortar stores to increase their foot traffic & sales.


We are passionate about supporting and promoting the high calibre of Australian designers who are finding it difficult to connect with the fashion industry's movers and shakers. Our retail events allow local buyers, wholesalers and designers to develop new relationships.

Melbourne Retail Festival 2019 Recap

We had a wonderful time at the Melbourne Retail Festival in February showcasing over 100 local and international fashion brands. Thank you so much to all of the buyers, wholesalers, designers, influencers and industry personalities who joined us over the two days! If you are interested in connecting with i...